We provide a variety of many services. All of our services comes with trust & understanding of each and every last one of our customers.

Re-Inforced Sounds                                                                 Car Audio Installation

  • DJ services
  • Proms/Parties
  • In/Out Events, Live Band, Concerts 
  • Business/Corporate gatherings
  • Wedding/Receptions
  • Pro Audio Installation
  • Sound Advisory
  • Equipment Rental
  • Fiberglass pods/enclosure
  • CD/Digital/DVD/Mp3 players etc.
  • Amps/X-overs/Epic Center/EQ's/TV etc.
  • Alarms: Keyless Entry/ Remote Start etc
  • Custom Subwoofer Box/ Enclosures

Home/ Business Installation                                    Church/Clubs/Businesses A/V systems

º  Surveillance Camera                                   º  Resetting systems
º  Flat Screen Wall Mount                               º  Training how to run systems
º  Surround Sound Speakers                           º  Upgrading 
º  CD/DVD/Tuners/Receivers                           º  Trouble Shooting
º  Entertainment Center                                 º  Sound Engineer